How to apply

The longest standing activity in our program. We have bootcamps tailored to early-stage startups as well as programs for scaleups looking to expand to new markets.

They are all focused on giving you the knowledge, network and tools you need to succeed.


Fancy seeing you here. We take it as you're interested in applying to our early-stage bootcamp, Acess SWEDEN? This guide summarizes what you need to know to successfully apply. The most important thing to remember with your application: We need an accurate company registration number (organisationsnummer) and that you share a video pitch that is made according to instructions. You will find more details on this below.

Need a friendly reminder on what Access SWEDEN is? Click on this link for info on what the week includes and who's eligble to apply. Joining the bootcamp is free of charge, we don't take any equity. Now - over to the instructions:

- The application process includes a form with questions about your startup. All questions, except for two: the link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one, and a link to your Dealroom profile, are obligatory to fill in.

- If your company registration number (organisationsnummer) is not accurate, your application will not be approved.

- Apart from answering the questions in this form, you must include a video pitch. Your video pitch should be uploaded to Youtube (no other platform). It needs to be in English and maximum 3 minutes long. The video doesn't have to be professionally produced - filming with your smartphone works just fine.

- The video pitch should feature the person/persons who will participate in the bootcamp. No PowerPoint slides, please :) In this video, we want you to pitch your company by answering the following questions:
a) What does your company do? b) What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? c) What is your business model and how do you make money/plan to make money? d) How does your team look like? e) What do you hope to get out of your participation in this Startup Sweden bootcamp?

- If you use a locked YouTube account, please enter the password we need to watch the video. If your video pitch is missing, or on another platform than YouTube, your application will not be approved.

- As mentioned, the only two questions you don't have to answer are a) including a link to your company LinkedIn profile and b) a link to your company profile on Sweden Tech Ecosystem (Dealroom). If you don't have company accounts on these two platforms, leave these spaces blank.

Startup Sweden is a program within Tillväxtverket, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The full terms and conditions of the Access SWEDEN bootcamp can be read at the bottom of the application form.