Entrepreneur-centered support

During 2020 we arranged 2 190 private meetings for entrepreneurs - with investors (48%), potential customers or partners (48%) and media (4%).

Throughout the year we directly helped a total of 729 Swedish startups, ranging from early-stage to scaleups looking to expand to new markets.

Out of the 43 startups that participated in our bootcamps, 60% have at least one non-white and / or non-male founder.

About Startup Sweden

Startup Sweden was created in 2016 to support Swedish startups on a national level. It is a program initiated by, and run within, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

We provide entrepreneur-centered support from the earliest stages to scaleups. Our activities and initiatives focus on the entrepreneurs' need – providing them with knowledge, network and tools to succeed.

Here (or wherever you find your podcasts) you can listen to when our Program Manager, Arash Sangari, speaks to the 'Digital Influencers' podcast about Sweden as a 'factory of entrepreneurs', the structure of our early-stage and scaleup programs, and what to consider when expanding to new markets. The interview is in Swedish.

Our Team

Program Manager - Leave of absence 50%

Arash Sangari


Project Manager Sweden Tech Ecosystem

Tatjana Choudhary